iRobot Roomba® 616

Vacuum Cleaning Robot


iRobot Roomba® 616
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iRobot Roomba® 616

Vacuum Cleaning Robot


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Roomba® 616 gives you clean floors every day. Just press CLEAN, no programming required, Roomba® 616 recharges itself when the job is done. Its powerful cleaning system captures dirt, dust, all types of hair and larger debris from hard floors and carpets. iRobot is #1 in robot vacuum sales, and the only leading brand with two multi-surface brushes, one to loosen dirt, the other to pick it up.

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  • Seamless navigation: iAdapt Responsive Navigation uses a full suite of sensors enable Roomba to work its way in and around the nooks and crannies of your room.
  • Cleans under sofas and chairs: Low-profile design allows Roomba to clean under most furniture and kickboards, so dirt has no place to hide.
  • Won’t fall down stairs: Cliff-detection sensors allow Roomba to avoid stairs and other dangerous drop offs.


  •  Just press CLEAN: With just the press of a button, Roomba gets to work with no programming required.
  • Cleans all floor types: Roomba automatically adjusts to clean carpets, tile, hardwood, and laminate floors as it moves through your home.
  • Automatically docks and recharges: Roomba is always ready to clean because it automatically returns to its Home Base® between cleaning to recharge.
  • Convenient carrying handle: A handle for easy transport room-to-room or between floors.


  • Uses a combination of agitation, brushing and suction: The 3‐Stage Cleaning System uses a combination of three advanced technologies, balancing the use of debris extraction and vacuum suction.
  • Sweeps wall edges and corners: The spinning side brush pushes debris into the path of the 3-stage cleaning system.
  • AeroVac™ Filter: Captures fine dust and debris.


• Package Dimensions: 39.37L x 12.70W x 44.45H cm 

• Package Weight: 4.92 kg 

• Robot Dimensions: 34 cm in diameter, 9.2 cm in height 

• Robot Weight: 3.6 kg

What's In the Box

• 1 Roomba 616 Vacuum Cleaning Robot with Side Brush and AeroVac™ Bin

• 1 Home Base™ with integrated power supply

• 1 iRobot® XLife™ Extended Life Battery

• 2-year manufacturer's limited warranty on robot, 12-month manufacturer's limited warranty on battery